Smart Energy Solutions

that help you optimize and stay in charge of your energy eco-system

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Energy Forecasting & Scheduling
Real-time Monitoring & Control
Automated Energy Billing
Market Data & Analytics
Energy Trading Tools
  • We recommend all ADEX solutions to energy companies that aim to optimize their costs and improve the management of their energy resources.

    Boyan Karshakov
    CEO, Energo Pro Energy Services
  • With ADEX Sales we have automated our billing & invoicing process, reducing the amount of work and human errors.

    Georgi Somov
    CEO, ACE Energy

Our Products

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  • Day-ahead and intraday forceasting of renewable energy sources - PV, Wind, Hydro

  • Forecasting of energy consumption

  • Automated scheduling and dispatching to DSOs and TSOs

  • Analysis tools

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  • Cloud-connected hardware solution for management of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)

  • Real-time data ingestion and monitoring

  • Automated controlling and workflows

  • Alarms and notifications

  • Data analytics

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ADEX Sales

  • Utility billing of energy, gas, water & etc.

  • Client and contract management

  • Automated invoicing based on metered data

  • Analytics and reporting

  • Client portal/Mobile app

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ADEX Trade

  • Real-time market data including energy price, demand, generation, emissions & etc.

  • Historical and forecasted weather data

  • Trade portfolio management

  • Automated trading tools


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Reduce Energy Costs

No matter if you are aiming to optimize your imbalances or improve your energy efficiency our solutions can help you reduce your costs significantly.

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Increase Productivity

Using automated tools in your day-to-day work will lead to optimized workflows, better employee performance and improved service quality for your customers.

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Improve Visibility

From real-time telemetry data to market and weather data our analytics and reporting tools will give you an advantage and help you take better decisions.

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Increase Trading Capacity

Our automated trading tools will give you better insights and help you achieve the maximum of your energy trading activities.

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